Booster Projects History

Bruin Athletic Boosters provide support for all student-athletes at BHS.  Scholarships, team recognition, and venue maintenance are part of our recurring budget but we are most known for focusing on facilities support and capabilities growth.     Projects (see history below) are planned in coordination with the schools’ administration and athletic department.

Boosters’ 30-year History of Facility Recapitalization – $1.5 million:

2018:  Cross Country Course  $5000

2018: Concession Stand Commercial Appliance Updates and Maintenance $6000

2015-18: Field House Refresh

2013-14: Concession Stand Commercial Appliance Updates $12,000

2012-13: Press Box Renovations $70,000

2011-12: New Gymnasium Scoreboards $35,000

2009-10: Field House Roof; Stadium Scoreboard Repaint; Golf Team Software $25,000

2008-09: New Baseball/Softball Scoreboards; Swim Team Laptop $25,000

2007-08: Field Irrigation Systems  $15,000

2006-07: New Gym Lighting $15,000

2005-06: Stadium Field Turf Project $750,000

1999-00-Original Concession Stand Construction $65,000

1990-91:Construction of original field house $80,000