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We are Broadneck Girls Lacrosse! A special thank you to our supporters for taking the time to view our campaign. Your support will help us offer a higher quality lacrosse experience for all of our athletes. We are fundraising for:

  1. Practice Time: equipment such as shooting targets, a variety of cones, poles, and equipment to allow for station work, game goals, jump ropes, foam rollers for the entire team, bounce backs, portable creases, goal nets, hurdles, etc
  2. Goalie Training Supplies:  Cards, colored balls, tennis balls, bands, weighted shafts, dot drills, normal game sticks for training, etc
  3. Mental Health Supplies: live training sessions, journals for players, writing supplies, signage for individual lockers and locker room, pregame stress relief supplies
  4. Community Outreach: T-shirts for building bruins, stationary for building bruins, equipment to run multiple sessions at Gigi's house to include games, sports equipment, craft supplies, snack items
  5. Team Building Supplies:  cardstock, cost of teambuilding events, prizes for competitions, special pinnies to highlight players individually, equipment to tally score in locker room, supplies to decorate locker room of other programs (ie. Boys bball team when going to states)
  6. Team Gear: offsets cost of gear package, team t-shirts for each season ​​​​​​​

From the entire team and staff - we can't thank you enough for your support. GO BRUINS!

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