Bruins News · Need help with buying online tickets? Click here!

Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Broadneck High School use the GoFan ticketing service to provide an online avenue for ticket purchasing to certain events. In the coming years Broadneck will be using this service for an increasing number of events, eventually moving to an all-online ticket sales program.

To make the transition as easy as possible, we encourage everyone to become familiar with the GoFan website ( and their mobile app. The mobile app allows ticket purchasers to avoid the hassle of printing out tickets or searching through their inbox on their phone.

Download the app from your devices online store, create an account and have instant access to all of our online-ticketed events as well as the tickets you purchase.

See below for help with the app.

Look for this logo in the Apple App Store or Google Play store:

Download and then open the app. You will see the image below. Search for Broadneck High School.

This will bring you to the main BHS page. The Broadneck page will list any tickets that are currently on sale.

Once you select the game you want, purchase tickets like you would make any other online purchase.

Once your tickets are purchased they will appear in your “My Tickets” tab. This gives you the quickest access to your tickets when you are standing in line for the game.

You can stay logged into the app and have easy access to ticket purchases for any Broadneck or AACPS event.