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Bruins News · Congratulations Field Hockey on 100% Booster Membership

The Broadneck Field Hockey program has achieved their goal of 100% athlete-family membership in the Boosters Club. They are the first and only fall program this year to clear this very high expectation. Coach Plack reports that her team has never had 100% participation before now.


The Athletic Department has made supporting the Booster organization a high priority this year. In addition to all that is asked of our coaches, most of whom also teach, we have made it a requirement that coaches attend at least one Booster meeting and strive for a 100% membership goal. Our coaches have made a significant, conscientious effort to encourage their athletes to participate and we are grateful for all the extra energy they have put into this initiative.


To Coach Plack, her Boosters Reps, Kim Mayhew and Erin Schlesinger, and all the girls in the Field Hockey program we offer our most enthusiastic congratulations. We are so grateful for all of your efforts to support the Boosters Club. Your Bruin Pride is shining extra brightly!!!